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What is a physical doll?

Oct 22,2022 | SexAngelbaby

There are two kinds of physical dolls: half physical dolls and full physical dolls.

Semi-entity doll is the so-called inflatable doll, only small parts of the limbs and sensitive parts are solid, body limbs are inflatable, and especially ugly. A lot of baby friends have been pitted by this routine. ​About the physical doll of those pits, you can read over my previous article.

Full body dolls are made from the body of a real person, both in appearance and texture. For example, our tiny sex dolls are very close to a real person, a kind of bionic action figure. Beautiful, perfect figure, built-in skeleton, can be placed at will all kinds of poses, exquisite workmanship, body details grain, fingerprint. It's the closest thing to a real person except wax.

Full-body dolls can be divided into two types from the material: silicone material and TPE material.

Since the head and body can be combined at will, there are three different combinations in total.

All silicone doll, all TPE doll, silicone head sculpture +TPE body doll

So what are the differences between these three physical dolls? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What's the difference in price?

All silicone dolls:

Advantages: silica gel material slightly hard, so the performance is very real. The pores, blood vessels, hand lines, foot lines and so on of the body skin make the doll look more linear. It can even implant hair and eyebrows. It has a high appearance level and is not easy to dye.

Disadvantages: silica gel material can not be recycled, if molding failure (bubbles and defects) these raw materials are wasted, can not be reproduced, so the cost is high.

Market price: 8000 to a few million different.

Full TPE physical doll:

Advantages: High strength, high resilience, soft to touch. Since the TPE material is closer to the human skin, the underneath will feel tighter and better wrapped, which will be very comfortable in real combat.

Disadvantages: can not transplant hair, can only wear wigs, room temperature more than 40 degrees, doll easy to oil, need to maintain talcum powder on time.

Market price: about two thousand. If the price is too much lower than this, it is necessary to be careful that the products sold by merchants may be semi-entity dolls (inflatable dolls), or the picture does not match, or they may be processed using second materials (what is second materials, refer to my previous article).

Solid doll with silicone head sculpture and TPE body:
Advantages: both practical and beautiful characteristics, silicone head carving details are very real, eyebrow and hair planting and will not easily lose makeup, coupled with the soft and smooth TPE body, this collocation is perfect, not only to ensure the appearance level and touch of the doll, but also to reduce the cost, while maintaining a best experience.

The bad: no

Market price: The current market price is three or four thousand.