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The Reason I Chose A Sex Doll - Vol.1

Dec 25,2023 | SexAngelbaby

Vol.1 Daniel

---"I'm certain I'll step forward when I'm prepared."

When I got SexAngelbaby's follow-up invite, I was somewhat hesitant yet eager to speak up.   What sets this apart is I've never engaged in sex doll-related communities, expanded my social connections through her. Still, I deeply appreciate her.

I got into sex dolls because I felt lonely. In 2020, my girlfriend of six years, whom I planned to marry, left me. Despite staying calm and keeping up social interactions, waking up alone, coming back from parties or work, or being in a crowd made me feel lonely. As a kid, I thought my family and friends would never leave, and the memories would stay, but with time, I lost them. Repeatedly experiencing this didn't help. Repeatedly going through this didn't make me feel any better. Maybe the breakup pushed me to try to give a sense of "companionship" to someone or... ...something.

When I opted for a life-sized sex doll, it felt odd at first, but there was a logic to it - the silicone material, expressions, eyes, everything seemed to embody the essence of "companionship." I'd often place her on the sofa, cover her with a blanket after work, or leave some photos by the window. It brought joy for a while, making life feel less lonely, though when I browsed the photo album, I still felt a sense of loneliness. It was like... I couldn't truly infuse her with a personality, despite her being my companion.

Besides those joyful moments, she also nudged me towards a realization - the need to move forward. Not socially, but in my own mind, and I'm thankful for that. In a way, choosing her unearthed a courage within me, even if it was concealed. Her presence led me to acknowledge the necessity of daring to attempt new experiences, like being more open in conversations, altering my lifestyle, or confiding in friends. Now, I'm certain I'll step forward when I'm prepared.

By the way, SexAngelbaby's editor inquired about two things: my preferred sex doll type and whether I'd buy another for a collection. I might favor the heating feature for the type, while other aspects could be more personal. Regarding buying another, as I mentioned, if I feel that exploring more experiences with my doll is a part of moving on, I'd be open to trying again without hesitation.