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17 Reasons Why Sex Dolls Can Be Better Than Dating A Real Women

Sep 01,2023 | SexAngelbaby

Some people may not easily agree to this until they get an idea of ​​the real experience. Naturally, it is very easy to wonder why people pay such a high price to get sex dolls when they can easily find a good and beautiful woman around them and have real sex with them. And that single is reason enough to imagine how a sex doll is better than a woman.

For your information, there are many valid and sound reasons why so many men buy sex dolls, and one of those reasons is women. At the same time, surprisingly, men who include sex dolls in their lives love women very much, they love their bodies, their figures, their sensuality, their activity, and their femininity. However, nowadays it is becoming difficult for women to date men.

This article is designed to find out some of the real differences between sex dolls and a woman and what difficulties a toxic relationship with a bad woman can create for a man.

Here Are The Top 17 Reasons Why A Sex Doll Might Be Better Than Dating A Woman

Sex dolls have grown in popularity in the last few years, especially after the global pandemic. Bear in mind that up until a decade ago the subject was considered taboo, and there was some stigma and embarrassment attached to talking about love dolls, especially in public. Many researches and social surveys have shown that men today are more likely to engage in all kinds of sexual activities with sex dolls than with real women. And this naturally means that men seem to be more satisfied with a sex doll rather than real girls, and are valuing them more for love. There can be many questions that force men to prefer sex dolls over a woman. Such as;  Why do men prefer TPE sex dolls over women Why are they spending thousands of dollars on lifelike silicone dolls instead of real women?

The answer to all such possible questions is whether a sex doll is providing better sexual and emotional benefits than a woman in meeting a man's personal needs.

So let's go through all the possible aspects where a man is preferring a sex doll over a real woman:

1: Dating Is Harder Than Ever

There are studies, research, surveys, and expert reports that show that dating today is more difficult than ever before. The standards of women have become very high, while according to the men they are not worthy of the standards set by themselves. Plus, actual dating can be a stressful experience with lots of mental tension. Especially with the advent of Internet dating, an additional set of problems have been added to it, such as suddenly coming across a woman you never imagined after online dating. To make matters worse, many times you get a terrible experience of being cheated on by a female partner, and men then admit that good girls are very rare to find these days. Whereas sex doll on the contrary always conforms to you.

2: Guaranteed Sex With Love Doll

Sometimes you are in a high mood but your partner refuses, forcing you to burn out alone instead of accepting your physical needs. In such a situation, this develops hatred towards women. In contrast, a sex doll is always ready for sex, even without much effort from you. Even if you are feeling tired and don't want to exert too much effort, a remote control or app control doll has sex by itself. Overall the sex doll is always ready, where you want it and when you want it.

3: Sex Dolls Are Honest And Clear Companions

Sex dolls neither cheat you nor lie to you. On the contrary, nowadays most of the women are associated with your property, who only use you, and are in contact with multiple men at once, and will stab you in the back when the time comes, while sex dolls will always be honest, and forthright with you.

4: With Sex Dolls You Don't Need To Be Bound By Rules

If you're a busy guy and find yourself finding it hard to find time for a real date, plus you're stressed about having to pay the bills, then you might be looking for a better doll than a lady. Maybe you have had a bad experience with a woman in the past, maybe you have had to wait unnecessarily, again and again, then you will prefer a doll. If you feel the anxiety and pressure of countless mysterious frames like this, don't torture yourself, and bring a doll into your life, because a sex doll doesn't impose rules like a woman.

5: Sex Dolls Will Never Judge You

Sex dolls never judge you, they will never decide who you are and what you want or what you have done, they are your absolute confidants. While most women always make you feel that you should live according to them, dress according to them, and what you do is not right, apart from this, she can say that she has tested you and you are not worthy of her and now she is leaving you. She'll blame you for taking out her frustrations because it's so easy for her to do. Whereas sex dolls always like you in any situation, and will never judge.

6: Sex Dolls Will Always Prioritize You Unlike A Woman

There is no doubt about the fact that a woman should always keep you in her priorities, while you will always be the top priority of a sex doll. Many women today have their businesses or jobs or are too busy with friends and colleagues to give proper time to you.  They can be self-obsessed. Sometimes many women are stuck in their phones, and they forget that there is also a man who is there for her, In such a situation, it is bound to cause annoyance and mental harassment to men. But a sex doll is always there for you, just as you prioritize her, she prioritizes you too.

7: Sex Dolls Are Not Complicated Like Women

There have been many surveys whose reports are public that women's mood swings often, and they always create confusion. They demand such things which they do not want, or do not need, women often lie to justify or convince themselves. While a sex doll is far from all these inconsistencies, it is very easy to understand, that sex dolls are good stress relievers, not toxic stress-causing companions, she is not at all complex like women.

8: Sex Dolls Will Always Be There For You At Any Time And Situation

The sex doll will always be yours because it is your personal, no one else can have it unless you share it with anyone of your choice. You can take her out whenever you want, and do whatever you want with her, be it as a super companion, or as a sex partner. A sex doll is always with you when you need it, it is there to meet your needs. If you're feeling sensual, or want to do something exciting or wild, she'll be more than willing to do it with you. Unlike many jobs like a woman, the sex doll will not have other things to do except satisfy your needs.

9: Sex Doll Is Committed To You Rather Than Selfish

You expect your woman to pay attention to you, but instead of doing so, she focuses on her benefit, then definitely it is like mental harassment. But a sex doll knows only you and only you. She doesn't focus her attention anywhere but you, she won't divide her time between a friend or her other lover.  If you are suffering from this and are expecting this, or have an inner need for a fully committed partner then only a sex doll can give you that benefit.

10: Coercion By Women For Sex Drive

Whether you're tired or feeling overly energized, your sex doll never forces you to drive, nor does she force you to stay still when she's not satisfied. While a woman sometimes goes against your feelings, and she neither drives nor excites you even after you are tired, she wants her male partner to do everything.

11: Coercion By Women To Engage In Sex Against Their Will

Sometimes you don't want and you don't want at all, but the female partner wants to dominate you, she forces you to have sex to fulfill her sexual desires. Sometimes even after you ejaculate early, she demands activities like sex or other foreplay. While your sex doll always finds happiness in your happiness, she never demands more from you.

12: Sex Dolls Don't Give You Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD or STI)

Many women are suffering from STIs or STDs, sometimes they even know it but still, they establish sex with you without any protection and then they give you terrible sexually transmitted diseases. While sex dolls do not carry any STIs, as long as you are not sharing them with anyone. To be honest, many women today have no standards, especially an escort or prostitutes, and so they carry diseases that seriously put them at risk, even condoms or other protection measures sometimes fail.  On the contrary, you know very well that you will not get any fatal disease from the sex doll because only you are having sex with it.

13: Sex Doll Never Curse You

Many times when you do not act according to women, they taunt you. Or some women create situations like mental torture when men ejaculate early or when men stop before reaching their climax, then they associate it with your physical disability, and make you realize it again and again. But your early or late ejaculation has no meaning for your sex doll, she never taunts you for early ejaculation, nor curses you for not acting according to her.

14: Instead Of Being Hired Again And Again Like An Escort Lady, The Sex Doll Is Your Permanent Companion

Hiring an escort or call girl comes with several risks along with opening your pockets. If you spend $1000 just 2 times to hire an escort, you could be broke in no time. Once you buy sex toys for less than this, they will be your companion for a long time, with whom you can have emotional connection and sex. With this, escort women often keep themselves careless, which makes them infected, and they never tell you about their infection, because they only care about making money, not your safety. Apart from this call girl will not be available at the time of your mood but your doll will be with you.

15: Your Doll Is Not Expensive Like Expensive Hobbies Of Women

You must have experienced that when you start dating, along with it your pocket also starts getting hit. Because a woman would want new furniture, brand new and well-maintained rooms, and a big house, she would want nice clothes again and again, and she would like to go to the best and most expensive restaurants. Plus, she'll want to take expensive trips to the best places, which will cost you more with a date with a lady than you'll ever spend on yourself. Whereas a sex doll doesn't expect anything from you. Even if you want to keep her without clothes, she will give just as much pleasure as she would with $1000 worth of clothes. So of course your doll is your bestie, she will never demand money or other things for sex and you can have sex with her as many times as you want without spending a single penny.

16: There Is No Risk Of Getting Pregnant With Sex Dolls

There are many reports where many women try to keep or blackmail men dependent on them by intentionally getting pregnant so that they can extract huge money from them. They also give you mental torture for the same. Many times women unnecessarily blame you for being the father of a child whose father you are not, they just force you because you have a lot of money and you can fulfill her maintenance and expensive hobbies. While this will never happen with a sex doll, neither will she blackmail you or force you to support someone else's child. Nor will you be forced to lose money for a child you didn't need or never wanted.

17: Sex Dolls Will Not Make False Accusations Against You

In the last few years, the trend of the Metoo movement has increased so much that people are surprised. Many women are trying to blame men for their problems or extort money, through this they are also blackmailing. They are making new excuses to ruin the reputation of men so that they can convince themselves, that previously voluntary sex can later become a matter of harassment and mental stress for you. Or maybe your lady (girlfriend) decides she doesn't like you anymore and wants a hefty sum of money from you, for which she can accuse you of rape and rob you of everything you have. So it's a huge risk, but a sex doll would never do that to you, she'll always be honest and loyal with you, she'll treat you with kindness, and never harm you in exchange for sex with you.  It's everything you could want in a sex doll, but also more than you might expect.


We hope this comparative overview has given you a new perspective on sex dolls and toxic relationships, or may have helped you think about sex dolls in a slightly different way. Your favorite sex doll is capable of serving many purposes that are positive and beneficial. Like anything else, it all depends on how you use your doll, what you're missing in your real relationships, and what you're gaining from your doll.

We hope you have enjoyed this article to understand the intricacies of sex dolls and have a positive attitude towards it. If you disagree with anything mentioned in this article or want to add any point, we will feel more than happy to discuss it in the comments below. Please note that this article is designed to increase your enjoyment and keep you thinking positively, as in, what good can a sex doll provide you, and what harm can you get in a toxic relationship? You must keep in mind that being with a good woman will be better than anything you can get from a sex doll. But the truth is also that good women are very rare to find today, and if you are one of those good women, we hope you don't feel influenced by anything mentioned in this article or articles.