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sex doll is better than a girlfriend

Oct 24,2022 | SexAngelbaby

1. You can do it whenever you want, whether it's morning or midnight.

2. Sex dolls are model workers. You can do whatever you want with them.

3. Sex dolls don't get angry with you and then they want you to apologize.

4. Sex dolls don't ask you: Have you come in

5. Sex dolls don't say: Don't shoot me in the mouth (face, chest, stomach, inside...)

6. Sex dolls don't pick up the phone when they're having sex.

7. No late-night snacks for sex dolls.

8. Sex Dolls don't call the next day to complain about why you didn't call her right away.

9. Sex dolls don't think: My last boyfriend seemed so much better than him.

10. You can be done whenever you want.

11. Sex dolls don't say: I'm on my period.

12. Sex dolls don't say: Go take a shower first.

13, sex doll once purchased, long practical.

14. Sex dolls are absolutely loyal and will never cheat on you.

15. Sex dolls can't replace real women, but they do better than real women in some ways.

I wish you a good mood every day.