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What brand of sex doll is good to use

Nov 20,2022 | SexAngelbaby

To be honest, I've never seen anyone say sex dolls are good. You may have mistaken the photo of a physical doll for a sex doll.

The material of the inflatable doll is like a raincoat, usually like a deflated balloon, and it needs to be inflated when it is used. Do you think this kind of experience can be good? Hundreds of dollars to buy a sex doll, the experience is definitely not as good as the same price plane cup or the name.

Most of the promotional pictures you see on the Internet are real life sex doll. Some bad merchants will put pictures of physical dolls on the details page. The price is very cheap, and then send you a sex doll. Be sure to judge carefully when buying it.

Here also incidentally popular science of the classification of the entity doll, according to the material divided into a total of three categories: all TPE material, all silica gel material, head silica gel + body TPE material.

First class all TPE materials
Advantages: soft, close to the hand feel, the price is not high, the average price between 1000-3000 yuan, good elasticity, high degree of tear resistance.

Disadvantages: easy to oil, easy to stain.

This kind of material doll is the first choice for beginners, because the price is low and easy to get, and the experience is also good.

The second kind of all silica gel material
Advantages: beautiful and real, long service life.

Disadvantages: feel harder, more expensive.

You have to go above 7,000 to get a solid silicone doll.

Silicone dolls are a cold treatment process, the whole is more refined, so the price is high.

The third type of head silicone + body TPE material
This kind of doll is a combination of the advantages of the previous two dolls. The face is more realistic, better to use, but also has disadvantages, such as the head and body are easy to have color difference.

The price of this kind of doll is also between a TPE doll and a silicone doll, 3000-6000 yuan. There is also a BBW Sex doll, which is not bad.

Unlike other mature adult products, dolls have a low degree of branding and few doll brands to choose from. Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose reliable large stores or platforms, such as Drunken Breeze flagship store.

Drunken Breeze Flagship store is the top sales platform of adult category on Tmall for five consecutive years from 2016 to 2020. The doll brands sold are mainly Enigma. Each doll has passed quality inspection, and the quality is completely assured.

In addition, drunk Qingfeng dolls can be customized, 2000-3000 yuan dolls, can also choose their own skin color, eye color, more in line with your requirements.