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I gave my friend a sex doll after a year of separation

Nov 19,2022 | SexAngelbaby

After years of tough work, my friend was admitted to a British university for postgraduate study from a first-class university in China with his own strength. All this time he had a girlfriend, and she was extremely close. But he will return to college with me in July 2022 for additional study, which means he will have to leave his girlfriend for a while. You know, are adults, he is also extremely emotional. This is a year away, more or less he will miss his girlfriend.

As a great friend, I sent him a gift right before he was to fly to England. The gift is a sexangelbaby doll, so that he can be relaxed in the year abroad.

After all, in a time when the population is about to decline, there are only more and more bachelors, but we are all reflective and emotional people, and there's no alternative way around it. I've been thinking and thinking and being a "heated sex doll" is the best way to be friends.doll, so that he can be relaxed in the year abroad.

after all, in such a situation, most people are unable to change, this leads to the rise of the industry, domestic also began to focus on this aspect of research and development, but everyone has formed the bad competition, some manufacturers began to use paper mean TPE paraffin oil material to make the "shanzhai silica gel doll," shanzhai is ultimately can not escape the quality authentication, Cracking is also very common for more than 3 months, the taste is difficult to say, the picture and the entity are completely different feeling, to say that the experience is not good, but also has a great relationship with the amount of oil of those products, take in the hand is always greasy, body feeling is very bad.

However, there are leaders and leaders in each industry, who directly put their minds into research and development. The technology and quality can be claimed to be at the leading level of neon, so that users have a more abundant and reliable choice.

After all, it is produced by 22 processes. It can be said that it is full of details and can be called a work of art. The skin, hair and facial features are very vivid, including long eyelashes, quiet nose tip, pointed chin and delicate hands and feet. His friend mentioned that his year away will not be overly difficult.

To say special, it also has to be its material is edible grade liquid silica gel, will not automatically out of the oil, will not have too huge taste, use experience is more pleasant, touch on the face, there is a blowing can break the feeling, durability will be longer, it is claimed that has reached 5 years.

In order to make the experience more real, the inside of her also added the alloy simulation joint design, specifically reflected in the ankle, thigh, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder, arm, shoulder, neck, spine, waist and other joints, essentially the same as the object. Of course, for some complicated movements, she is able to complete. My friend said she could switch her clothes and POSE for pictures easily.

Of course, in addition to the real body sense, she also has built-in audio technology. My friend suggested that when he holds hands, holds her in his arms, and holds her and so on, there will be sound emitted, which can be said to be body sense + listening sense, and directly make friends experience full.

Looking back, he mentioned that the silicone doll he sent to his friend was a very great experience. He thanked me for providing him with company during his trip abroad.