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About the pitfalls of buying a physical doll

Nov 21,2022 | SexAngelbaby

360 lines, line have when, dancing is not the same, the following to the partners of the entity doll will talk about what pit.

Start with the entity doll's biggest pit is some treasure some east of the "hang entity doll's sheep's head, sell inflatable doll's dog meat", in the sales process of the entity doll often customers ask me, why your entity doll to more than 1000, and some treasure some east as long as 300, and things are exactly the same, The reason lies in some treasure some EAST all inflatable doll sellers sell is inflatable doll, and details are entity doll, will come finally, please in kind prevail, inflatable doll is like inflatable raincoat, there is no experience.

The second pit is the material pit. many merchants will add some concepts in order to show that their dolls are different from others. if tpe and jelly chest are frozen, i would like to focus on tpe jelly. the tpe sex doll will be soft, but the amount of oil produced by tpe sex doll will be very large, and it will feel sticky and have a heavy smell. in addition to the good feel, the tpe sex doll will have no experience. this is also a headache for me, because some customers often ask me whether your doll is oily or has a strange smell. i want to say the doll that general manufacturer produces to come out only is the eye cannot see oil, also won't have taste. it is certain manufacturer to pursue soft, and make the jelly type that gives this kind of pit a person. then followed by platinum tpe, platinum tpe is the ratio of fuel oil a bit less, so baby will be a bit hard, but some will be durable easy to clean, this doll is suitable for adults experience shop use, not suitable for ordinary sellers use, platinum tpe pit lies mainly in production cost and some manufacturers in order to appear on the tall, as the word and the use of so-called platinum and sell high, in fact, the price of such dolls is the same as that of ordinary dolls. it is not necessary to buy such dolls for personal use.

Add function words to appear on the top of the pit, such as wax silica gel head, wax S-level capacity, the United States imported materials. Such a statement is not as good as a small ditch around a real estate where there is a small slope called his real estate.

Useless make front pit, zhi representative is here, the vacuum chest, since embellish to uncover her nakedness, hot water injection function, air is impossible to have tpe resilience of good resilience, and once there is a weak spot, then it is useless, since embellish to uncover her nakedness, doll nakedness surface grinding in order to avoid the damage, so the surface is to vomit of lubricating oil, So it doesn't matter if the surface is covered in grease.

Conclusion: When buying physical dolls, in fact, ordinary physical dolls are the most comprehensive dolls. Do not excessively pursue the concept of vanity. As long as the price is acceptable and the appearance is liked, then the two conditions are good. Of course, some customers with special preferences can buy Chubby sex doll.