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The first time to buy silicone doll how to choose?

Nov 03,2022 | SexAngelbaby

In recent years, the finished goods industry has developed rapidly, sex dolls, artificial robots and so on.

Therefore, the raw materials used in adult products are also constantly improved. Why do adult products have to use silica gel materials? Silicone is safe, non-toxic, stable, and has been used in every aspect of our lives, such as love and sex dolls.

Many people will refute that, because at present, in addition to silica gel, there is also a relatively common material, TPE or TPR, used to produce adult products. The reason is also very simple. It is cheap. The scraps can be used. In addition, they may not have any advantages. This is why high-end adult products are used in silica gel.

Many people will find TPE softer and more suitable for men's products, most of which are sex doll under 500.

The hardness, tensile strength and elongation of silica gel products can be deployed.

Silica gel can not only be soft, and the same hardness, tear resistance is much better.

TPE with a hand button on the crack, silicone will not. Many businesses say that TPE material environmental protection, and can be reused.

But the surface of the oil is very serious, high temperature will melt. This material said environmental protection is just a business gimmicky.

High-end dolls are silicone materials, the majority of otaku in this respect are more experienced ha.

However, silica gel material also has good and bad points. The price of nature is not the same. This is because some silica gel dolls sell for thousands, some sell for tens of thousands of reasons.

Our products are mainly suitable for new energy vehicles, medical treatment, electronics, toys, electromechanical, electrical appliances, chemicals, gifts, hardware, medical equipment, lighting, machinery and other main products are: 1. New energy vehicles: seals, filter gaskets, elbow, high temperature resistance, anti-slip, wear-resistant fluorine rubber, miscellaneous parts, etc.

2. Medical hygiene bottle stopper, rubber stopper, straw, eye massage tablet, etc.

3. Food: pacifier, bottle cover, silicone ice lattice, sealing ring, waterproof ring, children's teeth glue products, etc.

4. Electronics: Photographic equipment, all kinds of balloons, decoration rings, watch belts, outdoor electronic products, waterproof rings, etc. 5. Furniture: anti - collision rubber, non - slip adhesive non - slip pad, etc.

6. Computer and auxiliary printer: copy machine paper roller, mouse circle, mouse ball, mouse pad.

7. Toys: adult, remote control car wheels, buttons and surrounding silicone rubber sealing accessories.

8. Home appliances: sports equipment, mats, buttons.

9. All kinds of fashionable mobile phones, computer protective cases, headphone covers, etc