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Love for a long time sex doll, come to life

Nov 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Living in a dilapidated apartment, Shell is a decadent man in his 40s who is still single.

A mindless silicone sex doll becomes the shell's only companion.

Some little towns along the river. Shell, who lives in a dilapidated apartment, has a 110 cm sex doll, a cute, mindless sex doll that is his only companion.

Shell worked in a small restaurant and would prepare meals for two when he came home every day. In the evening, he took a bath with his sex doll and then lay looking at the stars while talking to the doll. When he was tired, he slept under the same quilt to enter his dream.

One sunny morning after a storm, Shell was busy washing up when the sex doll suddenly blinked her eyes. The so-called long love, Xiao Wang opened his eyes, in the shell to go out to work, the doll bathed in sunshine, slowly stood up, she went to the window, stretched out her fingers to catch the drop of water falling from the eaves, said in a low voice: "true, beautiful......"

From then on, Xiao Wang walked the streets like a girl during the day and continued to pretend to be a sexual partner at night.

One day, a sex doll came across the music and video products rental shop of the young clerk pure.

She and Junichi looked at each other across the counter, and perhaps because of the reflection of the light, the doll's eyes sparkled. She saw the job advertisement on the wall behind Junyi.

The sex doll starts working in the store, and she gradually falls in love with Junichi.


The sex doll learned a lot about movies from Junichi and also got familiar with the shop work.

She accidentally punctured her wrist. The body of the gas sprayed out. She was surprised at the pure one and said: "don't look", the pure one but to the doll stomach on the air hole blew in. "Well, that doesn't matter."

Pure one did not surprise small hope is a sexual partner, comfort small hope said, in fact, we are all the same.

In the empty shop, Junyi hugged the doll tightly.

The doll is filled with sensations it has never felt before. With the scent of a loved one inside, the doll is blissful.

As the two feelings deepen, Xiao Wang has been tired of being a shell of sexual partners. So he went into hiding,

Until one night, Xiao Wang heard the sound of the birthday song, could not help but run out to see, found that the shell bucket in the new buy sex doll birthday, Xiao Wang's appearance, let the shell scared a big jump. Xiao Wang also decided to leave the shell.

Hope came to a pure home, to a pure confession, a pure also accepted her.

As Junyi said to Xiao Wang before, we are all the same,

Xiao Wang mistakenly thinks Junichi is also a sex doll.

So the naughty little hope and his lover played a death joke.

Wang opened a hole in Junichi's stomach after he fell asleep.

However, only a stand of red blood, no matter how small hope to pure a mouth blow, also can only look at the very not easy to find the lover disappearing in front of the eyes.

This film, which seems to be a bit of an unacceptable film, is also the work of master Hirokazu Kore-eda.

In THIS "SEX DOLL", KORE-EDA changed the style and added a strong poetic expression, like satirical prose.

When Hope went from a sex toy to a girl with a heart. She's not willing to be an instrument of sexual fulfillment.

With the heart, you can feel beauty and happiness, but at the same time there is also loss and loneliness. When she finally returned to her shell,

Shell was not happy because the doll had a heart, but said it was a very troublesome thing to be a man.

Handle your emotions with great care.

In fact, the film has a very sharp idea: all people are actually a little like sex dolls, need life to fill their own, appetite, love, affection, sex......

Without these, man is but skin.