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Have you ever bought a silicone doll?

Nov 03,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Silicone dolls provide sexual stimulation and give you a real life experience. They are close to the real and many people are keen to explore it.

There are many silicone dolls, such as real life size sex dolls, so here's how to find the ones you like and avoid disappointment.

1, the real effect of the usual sex dolls are inflatable and the whole body silicone. The difference between them is that the inflatable after the shadow part is silicone for sex, and the silicone doll is more real. There are equal parts of the whole body, just like a real girlfriend.

2, price for people who want to try sex dolls can choose an inflatable sex doll for the first time. The price is cheaper. Of course, if you want to experience more reality, you can also buy a sex doll. The price will be more expensive.

3. The storage of inflatable dolls is relatively easy to store. When used, it is full of gas. When not used, it is possible to give up the storage.

Sex simulation doll adult equal ratio, more occupy space, will not you can dress her sexy beauty in the room is very attractive.

4, sexual experience if you just masturbate can choose inflatable dolls, can achieve shady sex.

The dolls can have the touch of a real person, the sexy butt, the soft chest, the shadow, the whole life experience is completely real, so real you'll forget she's a doll, and you can role-play and dress up as you want. For prices, check out the sex dolls under $500.

5, maintenance, cleaning doll maintenance, cleaning are relatively simple, mainly Yin Dao die can be removed and cleaning is very convenient, almost no complicated operation.

Sex doll maintenance, cleaning will be a little troublesome, need a lot of careful cleaning and whole body maintenance, can use special maintenance tools.

With all this in mind, choose a doll you like and explore the new world!