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The Controversy of Having a Celebrity Like Real Sex Doll

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

A genuine love doll is like a real woman: the contour of her face, the curves of her body, the makeup, etc., are what attracts the customers to bring her home. Sometimes it is hard for the manufacturer to produce beautiful-looking love dolls, so they might “get” ideas from celebrities or good-looking young models.

However, one problem with using young models or celebrities is that the manufacturer may not have officially obtained portrait rights or written consent from them. Later, they may cause trouble if the “victims” file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

But this is not so easy. For example, an Israeli model, Yael Cohen Aris, claimed a Chinese sex doll manufacturer “stole” her photo on Instagram and turned her into a sex doll. She found out because one of her IG fans told her, and she tried to seek legal advice on handling the case, but the advice came out to contradict each other and leave her hopeless...

So I guess taking legal actions for such cases is very hard, primarily since the plaintiff and the defendant are in different regions.