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Cyber-brothel & Sex Doll: a New way for a Brothel Business

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Everyone is familiar with what a brothel is but cyber-brothel? Probably not every one has heard about it. In Berlin, someone has combined using virtual reality technology and sex dolls and build up sex dolls brothels which collaborate with a production company to create a ultimate VR fantasy with porn actress Angie Lynx.

But this is just one side of the story. The brothel also provides three options, like having a real person speaks to you in real time and role-playing in conjunction with the dolls’ characteristic  which makes the sessions more interesting and real.   

There are three silicone sex workers that clients can choose from, a Japanese doll named Haito, Kokeshi and Mistress Oxanna a dominatrix doll more and less have the “dark” side of sex.

It is pretty interesting to see some fellow in the industry has this kind of interesting idea, and may be sex doll brothels are something that would be common in the future.