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OnlyFans Models Signing Up Contracts with Sex Dolls Renting Companies

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

OnlyFans is a platform that primarily aims to help adults models distribute their video content to their subscribers. And some of the female models out there are quite pretty and got attractive bodies. Therefore a company in the U.K. called “Inferno” has already signed up a couple of contracts with some big names porn stars Sophie Anderson, Liya Silver, etc., to create sex dolls replicas exactly copy their physical appearances and other physical features.

The company founder, Ben Stroud, believes OnlyFan is on the rise. The platform helps the “traditional” porn stars turn into subscription-based stars, which means their lives are much more supported and accessible for amateur models to enter the market quickly.

However, the dolls created are not for sale, they are for rental purposes, and the target audiences are the porn star fans, where they can rent the porn starts for seven days or less, but the cost remains unknown. Is it a good idea or a bad idea? I don’t know if this business model works, but at least the fans can rent a doll and have some fantasy with their favorite porn stars.