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Tens of thousands of sex and real difference

Nov 10,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Netizen asks:

We're a small city here.

At least a month's salary.

Who knows what the difference is between a reall doll and a real one?

Or the one you buy fresh and keep for two days?

Seach: It looks good. It's heavy. And care. Do you know what it's like to care for someone paralyzed in their bed? Haha. If just for the sake of venting, a large leather drum is recommended.

Waku: A month's salary? Baby's price has several hundred to tens of thousands, a cent a cent goods, this is the industrial goods of silica gel and iron and flesh and blood have feelings can not be compared, is a fresh impulse to buy

Manufacturer: Don't buy too expensive, although I am a business, but do not recommend the novice to buy too expensive for the first time, the novice for sex doll cognition is limited, and your salary level is low, you can buy a little sex doll more than one thousand play, at most buy a tpe body head type choice silica gel is only two or three thousand, don't buy too expensive, otherwise easy to regret, Regret the pit loss is relatively large, you buy a little cheaper, when the time does not play can sell second-hand, can return part of the blood

City: If you just buy to use, then you can buy a full tpe, or have a look at the love language sex doll, their silicone hair cover, the price of body tpe is very cheap, I am not a business, nor promotion, I am also a small county, so to tell you the truth

I bought it and slept with it at night, which is different from real people. However, if a person solves his needs and sleeps with it at night, he can still buy one for more than one thousand

Discount: Depending on whether you can put it outside without hiding it, this is the key. A few thousand dollars isn't a problem for someone who actually has a job. Buy a few hundred every time you need to hide it.