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Is the airplane cup a better experience than a silicone doll?

Nov 11,2022 | SexAngelbaby


For vast single men, their own desires and needs are an unavoidable problem, and the main way to deal with such needs is from W. It can be done by hand or with a special utensil, such as an airplane cup or a silicone sex doll.

Airplane cups and sex dolls can be used to satisfy our needs and let off steam. But the price difference between the two is tens of hundreds of times! In terms of the structure of the key parts, some people think that the difference between the two is not very big. Do not understand why the sex silicone doll is so expensive. Even some people think that the same used to satisfy their desires, the two seem to have no difference!

But is this really the case?

​Sex doll makers can say with certainty that the best sex doll is more comfortable than the airplane cup. There is little comparison.

Human beings are emotional, and the biggest difference between them and animals is the pursuit of beauty, which is why we all prefer beauty. The airplane cup is only used to satisfy a temporary desire, to vent, the process may be fleeting, there is no pleasure in the bottom. For example, this hedy sex doll has the same appearance as real beauty. When we touch their skin, it is just like touching a real person. The feeling is not comparable to the airplane cup, and the use experience will be much better.

But with a budget of less than 300, don't think about anything. Even if you buy an inflatable WAWA, you won't get a good one, let alone a silicone doll. Good sex dolls are at least 1000 +, so forget it. If you had a budget that high, you'd have a girlfriend already.

And within 300, you can choose to import the aircraft cup from Japan (top level of evolution), such as Tenga, the son of the hart (strongly recommended to go to the official website to see the comments, too hot, all kinds of experiences, pictures of beauty, the number recommended, really long experience), 300 or so can buy the highest end of the cup, Of course entry level (imported from Japan) less than 100 yuan, is also good. The difference is the number of functions, but the core of the internal channel is the same, are all real life simulations.

The biggest difference between a silicone sex doll and an airplane cup is probably the process. The airplane cup is straight to the point and may let you out in no time. But the sex silicone doll is different. When we play with them, we can see their beautiful faces at any time, which will make us feel happy, and sometimes the sex silicone doll has the function of heating or vocalizing. When we make love with them, they will announce the same J-bed sound as real people. This experience is very wonderful.

These are things that airplane cups can't compare to.