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Which sex doll brand is better?

Nov 10,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Personally, I tend to classify a sex doll manufacturer or brand as a business.

At present, there are roughly four categories:

-- Do not do brand purely sales, do not produce, do not design.

Two, do a brand, do not produce do not design their own doll.

3. Create a brand that designs but does not produce dolls.

Four, make a brand, produce and design dolls.

There is no definition of these four types of dolls, which form is good, because the final point is the OEM factory or relatively large factory, so there is no big difference in nature, the difference lies in the requirements of the factory is what kind of production.

Whether the price or the workmanship is regular, the brand of the doll is to do silicone sex dolls, the body proportion is well-proportioned, the leg type is not pretty much fun, the overall design of curvy sex dolls is reasonable, at least not uniform chopstick legs, the overall weight of the doll is heavy, the mold line these details are not perfect.

The most important thing to buy life size sex dolls is the appearance level online, convex back warped and soft, play more you know, pressure on the convex back warped.

Just like finding a girlfriend, you will not be swayed by the brand, because the appearance is always the first consideration for a guy.

7K~1W is mostly in the silicone doll currently belongs to the price ratio, the head sculpture and the body belong to the realistic kind, the skeleton is also OK, these can be directly found in the figure, except the chest and lower body channel is slightly softer than TPE, the softness of other parts is between EXdoll silicone and ordinary TPE, the skin has detailed texture, realistic (manual funny), But the body makeup basically can not feel (my own makeup is also a wipe off, may still be in the oil stage) I personally do not like this too realistic style, but overall there are no obvious flaws, like can be into the need to pay attention to is that this factory does not seem to do a good deal of weight reduction treatment, than the general silicone doll heavier, recommend not to buy too big