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Sex dolls make my marriage more harmonious

Jan 12,2023 | SexAngelbaby

My wife and I were teammates in college. She was very beautiful and was the flower of my class at that time. People who liked her could say that I was one of them who queued up from the classroom to the university gate.

Maybe it is fate. When I graduated from university, she and I worked as interns in the same company, and we got together in this way. Together for three years, I have many unforgettable memories. The only regret is that she refused to let me touch her, and said to wait for the wedding night.

I can't. I love her. I have to wait. However, finally married, she still did not allow me to touch, said that there was a mental obstacle, and told me to wait.

Outside of my sex life, as a wife, she makes me perfect.

Later, my friend gave me an idea. He said that sexangelbaby has a kind of sex doll -- real sex dolls

110CM can be a customized intelligent voice, let me buy a home. This minisexdoll is like an angel of sex falling from the sky. It has the face of an angel, the figure of a devil, delicate daisies, delicate hands, small mouth of a cherry, delicate jade butterflies, delicate breasts, and all the positions that my wife cannot satisfy. She is the intelligent partner I want.​

Now my wife and I have not had sex for many years, I have been relying on the sex doll to solve physical problems, as if it is my second wife.

You asked me if I ever thought about getting a divorce? Thought about it, but not willing to also impossible.

Because marriage isn't just about sex, it's about love.