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What should use silicone sex doll to notice?

Jan 12,2023 | SexAngelbaby

Driven by human curiosity and adventure, all kinds of toys and gadgets that were previously unthinkable have been developed, and this phenomenon is no exception in the adult product industry. Nowadays, China's sex toys have definitely changed dramatically. Inflatable dolls, for example, in the beginning we come into contact with might be that the most primitive, even a bit "recognition" inflatable dolls, so in addition to "take off pants on" really no other ornamental value, and now, the emergence of sex dolls, with a high level of appearance and excellent material absolutely let you no longer have the heart to put her only as sex objects.

Now let's talk about the mini tpe sex doll: The "sex doll" of this era has already been sublimated from a simple "toy" to an "artificial partner". From "playing with toys" to "getting along with your partner", this is obviously the growth trajectory of a normal person. We need to learn a lot of knowledge, experience and lessons in order to truly grow.

Currently, on the Internet there is still a lack of information on how to correctly use inflatable dolls strategy, which makes the damage of the inflatable doll and depreciation very common. Some people in his old "toy" casually discarded in landfills. It not only results in the city of indecent, and this also is very not environmental protection, it is not in the concept of low carbon economy.

There are a lot of special tips and DOS and don 'ts when it comes to "dealing" with a sex doll -- we should treat it like a partner, not just a cold toy.

At the outset, it's important to make it clear that the biggest problem with "manipulating" a sex doll incorrectly is that you're not having the most fun. In addition, if the wrong operation caused doll damage in advance or even scrap, it will produce certain property losses.

In the face of such serious consequences, it is necessary for us to seriously learn how to use it correctly, so that it can play the maximum role and meet our greatest needs.

First, we should buy products from reputable brands or online shops to avoid fake and shoddy products.​

This is very important. A credit society can save us a lot of detours when we buy products. Just as you would go to a famous matchmaker or dating agency to introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend, you should go to a brand store to buy your artificial partner.

If you enjoy it, be sure to write a good comment online; ​if there is any problem in use, it should be reported immediately. Little by little, we can build a creditworthy society. In this suggestion, everyone goes to sexangelbaby mall to buy!

2. When you receive a real sex doll, don't take off your pants.​

When we receive sex doll products, we should immediately check whether the appearance and key parts are damaged, or if the goods are not handled properly. More importantly, we must check whether they are "rerepaired goods". If they are used as sex dolls, there is a great risk of infection and diseases, which must be excluded first.

In general, silicone sex dolls do not need to be installed once they are bought, while traditional sex dolls need to be manually installed.

Reference manual during the installation, all of the important parts, such as the mouth, Yin bu etc. Installed in the right place, because most of the users of the inflatable doll are virgins, of deep understanding of the female anatomy, so be sure to read the instructions, avoid all kinds of "hole" installation is wrong, causing unnecessary trouble.

After installation, is the important inflating procedure.

When inflating, we must pay careful attention to the position of placing the doll. There are no sharp objects, such as table corners, scissors, to prevent the doll inflating to become big, hitting these sharp positions and damage.

At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the size of the sex doll, put the sex doll in the appropriate space, do not get stuck in the narrow space after the doll inflated. Many diaosi live in relatively small environments, especially rental apartments of only 5 or 6 square meters. Size and space should be kept in mind.

Do not inflate too full, so as not to use "too hard" the subsequent explosion. Inflation should also avoid local extrusion of some parts, flat on the good.

Take a bath with her. It's not just for hygiene.​

Any newly bought doll, especially one made of silicone, should be cleaned and powdered before it can be used.

When the installation is finished, you can take your doll to the bath. This is a very interesting thing! It definitely adds a lot of fun. For high-end dolls with electrical appliances, use a wet towel instead of a bath (medical liquor can be added for disinfection).

At the same time, there is a hot bath for the doll "heating" function (some high-end dolls have their own heating rod). Who do not like to embrace a cold person?

Everything you need to know is right here.​

After the bath, you will need to "powder" the doll (regular baby powder will do) and then give it a simple wash. The purpose of this step is to remove the excess chemical "grease" that the doll carries when it is delivered from the factory and prevent it from having an adverse effect on our bodies.

After rinsing again, dry the doll with a dry towel. At this time, you also need to doll two "powders". This time the amount of "powder" can be reduced, as long as the doll feels dry on it.

Remember to repeat the cleaning and powdering process at the end of each use before placing her in the locker so that you can take good care of your doll.

If you're a lazy person, look for a product that disassembles and cleans the key parts. After each use, it's easier to remove the key parts that are stained with body fluids.