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The difference between a sex doll and a sex doll

Jan 12,2023 | SexAngelbaby

Because a lot of friends in the online order inflatable dolls when cheated experience, because adult products special products did not choose to safeguard their rights, this kind of anger and helpless psychology really let a person dark hate businesses to cheat consumers hateful, more hateful is received the doll simply can not bear to look at.

Teach everyone to differentiate sex dolls and inflatable dolls here. ONE aspect LETS BIG PARENT KNOWLEDGE, ON the other HAND PREVENTS BY ILLEGAL business cheat.

1. As the name implies, the inflatable doll is a kind of inflatable toy. It is necessary to use tools to fill the air before it has the appearance of a simulated person, or just a piece of skin, but the other key parts of the inflatable doll are the sex parts that are distinguished. Silicone sex dolls are made of human silicone, the material is more expensive, and the basic manual production, the process is more complex and takes a long time.

2. Price difference:

The inflatable doll is made of plastic materials, simple workmanship, and can be processed and produced by batch stars. The cost is low and the price is cheap. Basically, it is hundreds of yuan a doll.

​Sex doll materials are all medical grade silicone, high material cost, built-in metal skeleton, most of the handmade, carving, complex process time consuming, high cost, and support customization, so there is a custom sex doll.

Inflatable doll as a whole by inflatable expansion molding, so the star is generally a few kg, easy to carry, easy to use.

3. The whole body of the sex doll is composed of silica gel and metal skeleton, and the weight is a little lighter than that of an ordinary person. The length of the sex doll above 110cm is basically dozens of KG. Of course, there are miniture sex doll series.

The details of the inflatable doll are rough, the plastic smell is heavy, and the texture is hard but not realistic.

Sex dolls are made by hand, with vivid details and textures. They are generally carved by old masters. Hair is implanted by hand, and eyeballs, joints and skin textures are highly authentic.
4. Due to the low imitation degree of appearance and shape of sex dolls, while the high imitation degree of sex dolls, many businesses use sex doll pictures for publicity, but actually sell sex dolls, resulting in the experience of many children being cheated. Among them, Japanese sex dolls have realistic work and a large number of stolen pictures. As long as the users polish their eyes, from the doll's price, weight, details to distinguish good, choosing a guaranteed channel to buy will not be cheated, do not too much to see the doll according to the picture, all in kind prevail. For example, the price of some stations is clearly different. Sex dolls are not too cheap to just look at the picture, everything is subject to the real thing.

This simulates adult sex toys, instead of real people to meet sexual needs. Male and female sex dolls can be separated and are usually available in adult stores. This toy is different from children's dolls. It is made of silicone or plastic. After inflation, it approaches the size of an adult. It is soft and elastic when inflated. It can be reused after deflation. It's made of human skin, soft and lifelike. It is similar to the current popular switchboard.