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Sex doll shopping tips

Nov 11,2022 | SexAngelbaby


As a pure buyer and user, share the details of what you have discovered with those who are buying and those who are not, and talk to others who have bought a sex doll.
After using cups, buttocks, and busts, I still think the experience is not good enough, and I end up in the sex doll pit. For adult men, I think that no sex, no sex, no harassing others, playing with the sex doll in the room is clear.

The first life size sex toy was full of TPE, so I didn't think about the reference bar or pay attention to it at that time. Instead, I searched for a treasure and bought it from a shop with a high evaluation. The total cost was about 3500, including the functions of electric clamp, intelligent voice, whole body heating and foot peg standing. If you don't add these features, the cost is around 2200.

To conclude, if you want a sex doll to maintain its complete body structure, don't add any of the features I've said above. Whether it's an electric clip or a smart voice or an animesex doll, you'll have holes in the neck, back, or side waist, and then pull out a tube, which affects the look and feel of the doll. Smart voice requires a hole in the back and a fairly large sound system embedded in it.​

Electric clamp suction: Equipped with a transformer charging line, side waist hole, two lines stretched out, one has a button on it, press it and start clamping, the other is the charging head, the actual use effect can only be said, and this structure is a box, in another channel when entering the box will be stuck, please imagine playing airplane cup in the corner of the table, not careful will hurt yourself, So install this structure with the awareness not to use another channel

Intelligent voice: in some important parts such as the thigh and chest installation pressure sensitive resistor, when pressed by the embedded back sound, but also can carry out some simple dialogue, audio film can be connected to headphones, as well as a microusb port for charging, the disadvantage is that in the back opening embedded sound is actually very beautiful and feels​

Whole body heating: according to the information I have seen elsewhere, it is to wrap wires around the skeleton and pull out a charging port at the back of the neck. The charging cable must be unplugged within two hours of charging. The real heating should be the torso, but the heating effect is not particularly good.​

Then is the TPE three nail standing, in the sole of the foot three nails, so that the doll can achieve standing, so that you can achieve some new functions, new pose, of course, for the installation of electric clamp friends, to remember that a posture has been lost. Mounting three nails at the same time means the soles of the feet are also unusable.​

The above are some of my feelings about the additional features of the first TPE sex doll. Apart from these additional features, the experience of the sex doll itself is very good. The height of the doll I bought is 158, and the total weight when I shipped it is about 40kg, which is very heavy. You don't need to exert 40 kilograms of force all the time to fiddle in bed. You can do a lot of poses with less effort just by mastering the technique.​

When taking the express, the Courier smiled at me, and I smiled back. We all know that, after all, there are dozens of these boxes every month. The Courier actually knows what is inside, and there is no shame in it.​

Later, I bought a silicone doll, so I won't go into details. Here is a simple comparison

First of all, the hardness of the overall softness of TPE is much softer than the whole silica gel, of course, the silica gel chest is far softer than the TPE, but the silica gel is only soft, this is the difference, secondly, the TPE head because of the material problem will be much worse than the silica gel head appearance level, this is also a lot of people suggest silicone head, TPE body reason, as a real buy, I really agree with that

The price of silicone is much higher than that of TPE, and there are many differences in workmanship. Silicone fingers use phalanges, TPE is generally wire, and then silicone can be used to stand without nails, but TPE must play three nails.​

At present, I only think of so much. Finally, I would like to suggest to you that you should not randomly add functions and try to buy a hair transplant as much as possible.
Summary: The budget of about 3000 can buy a beautiful head sculpture. It is recommended that silicone hair transplant, TPE body, do not add strange functions, according to the need to buy standing function.​
Finally, I wish you all the best in buying a sex doll and welcome your discussion and communication.​