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How much physical strength does it take to use a sex doll

Oct 24,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Sex dolls, common among Japanese otaku, are adult sex objects that resemble human beings and are made in a 1:1 ratio of a girl's body size. Sex dolls are soft and elastic after sex. Their skin is similar to that of real girls, and they feel good.

The doll is also portable and can be used in a car or field tent. It can also be washed, so it can be used again and again.

Since this doll has so many advantages, it must pay a price to use it once, so let's calculate how much energy it takes to use a one-time love doll?

We can estimate that if the sex doll is used by a man weighing 60 kilograms, then considering that the gravitational constant on Earth is 10 Newtons per kilogram, the man's weight is 600 Newtons.

So the man has to work up and down to put his body on the 2ft sex doll, that is to say, his centre of gravity has to change -- what is known in physics as harmonic vibration. We assume that the center of gravity changes twice per second, and the amplitude of each vibration is 0.1 meters.

So the average speed at which the man's center of mass moves is 0.2 meters per second.

Thus, it is now possible to calculate the amount of power a man can exert on a sex doll. If the reader remembers the formula P= FV from junior high school (which gives the power of a car as a function of traction and speed), power is the product of force and speed. So when a man does work, the power is 600 Newtons multiplied by 0.2 meters per second, which is 120 watts.

We know that the average household LED bulb has a power of 15 watts, so using a disposable doll, this man uses the same amount of power as lighting eight LED bulbs at once. We already know the power, so how can we work out the use of disposable love dolls that need to consume how much physical strength?

It turns out that we need another physical formula, W= pt, which says that work done is equal to the product of power and time. So, if the man uses the sex doll for 1000 seconds, we can calculate that the work he did is 120x1000= 120,000 joules.

For comparison, we know that one gram of coal burns 30, 000 joules of energy, so this man would burn about 4 grams of coal using a disposable doll.

The use of sex dolls is not a shameful thing. The invention of sex dolls has reduced the incidence of vicious rapes and contributed greatly to the public safety of society. We don't make any moral judgments about whether sex dolls are good or not, but it's simply a matter of physics.