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Of inflatable doll and silica gel which good

Nov 24,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Let's start with the sex dolls.

As the name suggests, it is inflatable and must be inflated with tools to look like a human, or just a skin. I think you have basically seen or heard of it in all kinds of film magazines, without saying more or the last photo you feel.

Of inflatable dolls and silica gel which are good​

​It can be said to be terrible to see, the whole is actually a big balloon, no skin touch, must face this and feel like warriors.

The inflatable doll is basically a small white can just buy, can understand, the occlusion of knowledge, or economic sanctions. After all, many dozens of yuan can be delivered home free of charge, and some businesses will even send one or two sets of clothes for the doll.

There is also a kind of semi-inflatable doll in the sex doll, which is made of silicone for the head, limbs, reproductive parts, chest, but still inflatable elsewhere. The price of a "sexy sex doll" is a little higher.

Of inflatable dolls and silica gel which are good​

The workmanship is also rough, the facial expression is stiff, and look at inflation before, is there a sense of both the scene of the crime...

All in all, sex dolls are not recommended. The price range is 500 or less, and the experience is basically zero. If you don't care about appearance at all and buy BBW sex Dolls just for sex, forget it. The only advantage of this kind of doll is that it is convenient to carry and easy to keep, but inflating and deflating will also make you doubt life, passion fade, imagine when the feeling comes, crazy inflating for half an hour, cool for 5 minutes...

For this price, it's better to choose an airplane cup with a heating function or a heating rod, and a lubricating oil.

And then there are silicone dolls.​

The silicone doll is made of human silicone, and the material is relatively expensive. All the materials used are medical grade silicone, which has a high material cost. The metal skeleton is built in, most of which are handmade and carved, and the process is complicated and time-consuming, and the cost is high. Thousands for cheap ones, tens of thousands for expensive ones.

The details of the entity doll texture lifelike, generally carved by the master, hair is implanted by hand, eyeball, joint, skin texture and other high degree of imitation. Whether it's taking photos or having sex, it's a real weapon, and it can bring different experiences with different clothes.

Since the whole body of the entity doll is composed of silica gel and metal skeleton, it is heavy and not suitable for handling. It needs a place to store it, such as a room with more belts. In addition to emphasize a point, from the maintenance, cleaning, preservation of several perspectives, will cost you a lot of energy and time. If you don't love her, it will make you tired after the purchase. So the doll is still not as good as the plane cup from the actual combat!

A good doll is not only to solve your needs for a moment, but also to accompany you.

There is also a kind of half-body doll in the physical doll, commonly known as the Yin buttock inverted model.

This only part of the body, small size, maintenance, maintenance, preservation are relatively easy, at the same time, because of the integration of the composition, touch and sports is far more than the previous categories, or relatively recommended, this kind of inverted mold can also be counted as the category of aircraft cup, but more flexible than the aircraft cup. You can cuddle, lie down, stand up, lie down...

Anatomically speaking, the interior is excellent and gives you more pleasure to use.

To sum up, dolls are subdivided into 4 categories: full sex doll, half sex doll, silicone entity doll, silicone half doll. Each has an advantage AND disadvantage, how to choose, see you are fond of coughing up ~