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Is The Dummy A Sex Doll? How To Play?

Nov 25,2022 | SexAngelbaby

For people who are new to Life Size Sex Dolls, they don't know much about how to use them.

The doll is a sex doll that you can use.

Here's how to do it.

1, open the box, take out the doll, must find a 2 times the size of the space, at least 100cm×50cm.

Don't throw the packing carton everywhere, keep it well, because it will be needed in the future if it is sent back to the original factory to repair the damaged parts.

2. Remove the plastic paper and check whether it is damaged in the process of handling.

3. Send the doll to the bathroom and degrease the doll.

To soften the doll's body, silicone blow-up doll glue is infused with an oil component that also gives the doll a charming aroma.

In this way, over time, the doll surface will have the phenomenon of oil, so the doll should be washed once a week to remove the oil.

I also recommend playing IronTech Dolls.

4, after the bath, to give the doll body powder.

Just use regular baby powder.

The purpose is to take away the grease at the same time, and take away the dirty things on the body.

After that, rinse, remove oil, powder, and wipe the powder and dirt off your body with a damp towel.

Then wait for the doll to dry, powder again, keep the body dry and clean.

5, maintenance began to use, in the doll's lower body daub on the lubricant, his little brother also daub on the lubricant, and then into the casual play.

6. Wash the doll's lower body after finishing, before you dare or put it away after drying.