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How about seven or eight hundred sex dolls sold online?

Nov 24,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Inflatable doll profit is big, fake propaganda Taobao turns a blind eye, and even some shop advertisements are too lazy to change directly copy with the same, those who are literary are brushed, living comments can be seen at a glance.

In this way, less than a thousand are "fake".

Why is it false? ​It is because there are no skeletons or half-filled balloon men, and balloon men only a layer of skin. It is impossible to make the propaganda picture above the kind of nose and eyes concave and convex, even if a single finger is not, the whole a DORA dream. This is called the inflatable doll.

One thousand or so, slightly in line with the posters and look a little ugly, this is a fooling doll or semi-solid doll, joint inflatable movable, key parts of the silicone solid, about one meter in size, this is the civilian version, ugly face exaggerated body material general, such as Asian doll sex.

More than one thousand to four thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, belong to the full size sex doll, generally in the special supplies sales shop page, detailed introduction, can see the video confirmation, customer service is also willing to talk to people.

As long as you have a separate place, no one rounds the room, and then looks at the sales, adjust the price you can accept, generally can be phased, and then do what you do.

Do not recommend college students to buy, buy expensive blind, cheap dregs.