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How much can you buy a real sex doll

Dec 17,2022 | SexAngelbaby

The price of a silicone doll varies from hundreds to 10,000 yuan. The price, material and workmanship are different. For example, a tpe sex doll can be bought for thousands of yuan, and height and weight are all factors affecting the price.​

Generally speaking, do not buy too cheap. For example, you can buy a silicone doll for a few hundred yuan more. Do you dare to use it at home, to solve the physiological needs, touch the doll emit a plastic smell?​

When you touch it, you will have oil in your hand, which will affect the feeling of use and delay your mood. I have bought dolls at this price, and I feel very bad. It is estimated that individuals do not like this kind of doll.

Generally, a doll with a price of more than 5000 is a usable doll. With manufacturing technology and external appearance, you can choose to buy the solid doll with TPE body material plus silica gel head, or the starpery doll with good price performance ratio, which is also suitable for long-term personal use. The type material is not only realistic in body restoration compared with human beings.

Feel to the touch also particularly comfortable, silicone doll head statues are particularly lively and beautiful, feeling with makeup look, overall modelling stereo feeling not to lose the body beautiful, baby body design according to the ergonomic design, skeleton and gripper, material texture with some of the detail of the production, such basic can accept increase the price, I also very like and practical, The price is between thousands of yuan and tens of thousands of yuan enough to buy back and maintain well can be used for several years, relatively cost-effective, experience is also very comfortable, the price range