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How much does the entity silicone doll cost

Dec 16,2022 | SexAngelbaby

The silicone doll is also a Barbie doll. It is a favorite toy of many children, especially girls, who like to wear beautiful clothes to the doll, tie a beautiful braid, to meet the little girl's dream of being a mother. It is to seize this opportunity that many businesses have begun to rack their brains to produce beautiful, cute and versatile dolls to please children. So, how much is a real silicone doll? How much is a real life sex doll?

The appearance and quality of the dolls on the market are uneven, and the price is very low for the dolls that look relatively simple, only ten yuan is needed. But although children can play with these kinds of dolls, the materials are not guaranteed, the safety is not guaranteed, and the children are naturally not assured to play.

Some dolls target high consumer groups. A doll's clothes may be more expensive than real clothes, not to mention the doll, the price of high-end dolls ranging from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands. If you want to buy, it is recommended according to their own economic situation.

However, most of the dolls in the market are from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. This kind of silicone doll has a relatively high cost performance. As long as the doll is purchased through formal channels, mothers can rest assured of its quality. For example, the starpery dolls are favored by everyone, and many beautiful and delicate clothes will be attached to shops.

In fact, for the average family, there is no need to buy too expensive toys for their children. Toys are only what children need for a period of time, and can not accompany them for a long time. Mothers need to train their children in education and let them have a good habit.