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What kind of experience does the physical doll bring?

Dec 18,2022 | SexAngelbaby

What kind of experience does the physical doll bring?

XYdoll is a kind of wax level head sculpture +TPE body material of adult human companionship supplies, can replace the real person to let the user achieve orgasm during sex.

High simulation semi-entity dolls are finger, chest, hands, feet, lower body and other parts are made of solid silica gel.

Then, please see the following high simulation of the use of physical doll experience and feelings.

XYdoll 1:1 human inverted mold, texture and human body lines are very close to the real person, including the vagina.

Currently, XYdoll's IP characters include Mo Xiao Di (ladylike), Lu Xiao Yue (pure), Mi Sha (Chinese-Russian) and Shang Guan Qian (girl-like).

There are also full size sex doll.

When you have the sex impulse, then you can let your stem body slowly slowly inserted as doll inside the vagina, slowly enjoy the baby bring you pleasure, then you will find that it makes no difference with real people have sex, even more so, hyperactive libido is usually a muscle tight feeling, can take this feeling, properly sexual love, Relax your muscles, match your breathing rate, and enjoy the orgasms the doll brings you.

Some friends may be the first time to use a very fast cycle. This is very normal, mini sexdoll vaginal design is generally very tight. The first time to feel such a comfortable feeling, plus a high degree of stimulation and sense of reality, will shoot comfortably, is a very normal touch.

At this time, the player needs to slowly adapt to the long practice, will be better and better.

Players will enjoy the high simulation of the full body doll that brings a different feeling.

Single or sex is not satisfied with friends, use high simulation entity dolls all 1 to 2 times to please yourself, you can let your mind and body have been fully released, will not have that kind of lonely emptiness lonely feeling, can make you get great help in all aspects of life, work have passion, people have become the spirit, the mood becomes very happy.

Although high simulation full entity doll has these benefits, if you use without moderation will also have a bad impact on you. The doll is not alive after all, you want when you want, it will not refuse, do not want to live, frequency can not be too much.

So use frequency, 1-2 times a week, so as not to affect your life.