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How to Maintain Standing Feet of a Doll?

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Standing feet is a popular add-on among the custom dolls owners community. But most manufacturers will have nuts and bolts on the doll’s feet to make them stand. However, some of them can make the dolls stand on themselves even there are no nuts and bolts, and therefore, there is no need to worry about getting the feet of the doll rusty.

In today’s post, I will concentrate on maintaining a doll’s feet as they have the nuts and bolts on them. 

Maintain the nuts and bolts

One way to maintain it is to put on socks on the feet to keep out all the moisture and wear and tear daily.

However, some owners said that putting on a pair of socks is not enough. He suggested using a pair of vinyl flooring as the shoe’s insole and then putting on a pair of flat shoes to further protect the feet. If the above option doesn’t work, thick cardboard may do the trick, but you may have to replace the cardboard often.

What to do when you want to wash your doll? 

Sometimes, you may want to wash or shower your dolls after usage. But before you rush your doll into showers, don’t forget to apply Vaseline on the bolts areas and do not immense the feet into the water. 

Another way you may want to try is cling-wrap the doll’s feet before showering or washing. Use an elastic band to fix the wrapping position and then use a damp cloth to wipe her body, legs, and feet with the doll sitting. If you stand the feet and shower or wipe it, there are always chances that water may flow into the feet and causes damage. 

Make Use of a Bath Board

Use a bath board for sitting your doll on, and you can wash your doll in a more precise position just like the photo below:

Source: The Doll Forum, by PDutus