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What Do You Do With A Physical Doll You Don't Like

Dec 08,2022 | SexAngelbaby

For many buyers of physical dolls, the better, but the reality is that many of them find storage and their appreciation of old objects diminished and have to give up some dolls, such as the 2FT Sex doll, because they are too small to be fun.

If you want to change the best sex doll with a high appearance level, you don't know how to deal with the old one. So today, Mei Zao Ren will tell you about the way to deal with the old physical doll.

[1] Send the message in a bottle to someone who is destined for you

We know that for high-quality physical dolls with a high price, some people want to buy them 100 times but give up because of the money in their pockets.

So if you do not know how to deal with these, not the owner of the entity doll, then you can be determined to do great kindness. A great Simon to send decisively to some of the entity dolls has the pursuit of young otaigu.

This way you're not only getting rid of the physical dolls that you find difficult to handle, but you're also really helping the lonely men who are desperate to get their hands dirty with physical dolls. Perhaps because of your goodwill drift this time, you will meet some like-minded friends.

[2] Recovery by the manufacturer

For such high-quality doll products as high simulation entity doll, it is completely possible to do recycling, we know that the cost of high simulation entity doll is not low.

In addition, for the whole high-end entity doll market now, the vast majority of the entity doll is supported by recycling, can be sold to some small factories to do secondary processing of raw materials, provided that the small manufacturers or the price is not high manufacturers.

On the one hand, the manufacturer can recycle the raw materials at a better price, and on the other hand, you can save a good amount of money for your next high simulation doll.

【3】 Bury the memory

​Thirdly, I believe that the vast majority of children do not have such strong willpower. But here's what Beauty is trying to say.

Indeed, there are some baby friends because they love their doll girlfriend, eager to take their baby friends as their own love memory of a bit worth recalling the memory.