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Dec 10,2022 | SexAngelbaby

This title reminds me of a movie. Yes, it is "Sex Doll love".

The hero in the film is very similar to the self described by the subject. He is introverted, not good at dealing with others, and prefers to live in his own small world.

And a lot of answers under this topic, like the people around the hero in the film. They go after the hero, "Why don't you act like a normal person?"

"Why not go after girls?"

"Why would you rather stay in your crappy little room than have dinner and talk with us?"

He finds Sex Dolls for Sale online and buys a 110 cm sex doll named Bianca, whom he treats as his girlfriend, talks to, has dinner with, kisses her on the forehead and says goodbye before going to work.

People around him are not calm again, "Oh my God you are a psycho", "why are you talking to a toy?" "You make me sick"

Actually, the hero is super nice, law-abiding and friendly and hardworking and conscientious. Just because he is unsociable, he is classified as an eccentric.

Because you're not like us, you're not normal.

This is a terrible way of thinking.

In the movie, people finally accept Bianca as a real person. People invited the hero to go to church and parties with her. Arranged for her to work as a volunteer and teacher, and finally fell ill and died. In the whole process, the hero learns to love others and feel loved, and experiences growth. The ending of the movie is very tender.

Back in the real world, there will be people who will look at this with curiosity, and there will be people who will try to put you back on track. But most of all, please accept that this is personal and harmless.

​Also, please look at the officer, don't always think of doing the savior, excuse me, where is your girlfriend you teach people to pick up girls?