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The only high-end adult product better than a sex doll is a silicone doll?

Dec 24,2022 | SexAngelbaby

For many people, the term adult products has become more and more familiar. According to the big data survey, 70% of people want to try or have used adult products at least once, which can be said to be a considerable number under the current social conditions.

So what adult products can we choose in our daily life?

Speaking of adult products, many men would think of anime sex dolls first. Sex dolls have long been praised by many users for their designs in human form and features, and they have become the synonymous of adult products for men. Moreover, the anime sex doll series was well known.

Although sex dolls are praised for being realistic and easy to store, they actually have some drawbacks.

During sex, many people often feel that the quality of sex dolls is a little too light. Many dolls are likely to weigh only a few pounds, and the texture will be relatively poor when held in the hand, making the sex process seem less engaged.

On the other hand, some manufacturers have developed a more high-end product than sex dolls, which is the physical silicone doll.

The doll is almost identical to the real people we see in our daily life.

Whether it is the appearance of skin feel or the overall impression left by people, people can clearly feel the touch of a real person.

With an adult-sized body structure, the doll also looks like a caring girlfriend, and can be made in various poses with the help of joints.

In addition, because it is not a sex structure, the doll has a thicker texture when held in the hand.

The texture of the muscles and skin can also be very clearly felt, so that men will have a considerable sense of substituting in when they perform various sexual activities on her. The beautiful appearance and delicate face can make this doll bring users a very simulated sexual process.

It's fair to say that real love sex dolls are a little more sophisticated than traditional sex dolls, with their sturdier overall design and chunky texture, which makes people feel a different kind of magic when they use them.

Of course, in contrast, the user in the process of use should also pay attention to the problem of good storage.

Since it is not able to deflate the air and then become a relatively small pile of silicone dolls, it is also necessary for buyers to think carefully. After all, the volume of this kind of doll is relatively large, and where to put them in the end is a problem that needs to be carefully considered and properly arranged before purchase.