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What does an adult sex doll experience shop need

Dec 23,2022 | SexAngelbaby

In fact, as early as a few years ago, adult physical doll experience stores have been popular in some relatively developed countries in Europe and the United States. People freely and boldly enter and exit such adult experience places, and secular eyes no longer regard them as alternative.

The industry has been slower to develop in China than in the United States and Europe, where people are more open to the public. But this year, there has been a slight spurt of growth.

After all, it is also true that China has more single adult men than the combined populations of some European and American countries.

With the news of the hot business of sex doll for sale spread like wildfire, people are no longer afraid of hands and feet, want to experience, bold participation experience, eager to try.

However, before opening the shop, we must also understand what to open an adult entity doll experience store need to prepare what materials, what procedures, make appropriate planning.

Premise if you want to open a shop, you must obtain the approval of the department of industry and commerce, apply for a business license.

If some adult commodities belong to medical device products, they also need to apply for a second-class medical device business license.

The first is site selection. The main considerations for site selection are cost, human flow, and target user groups.

The second is the product.

High-end adult silicone dolls are expendable products, such as the tiny sex doll series, so they need to be connected before opening a store.

Third, decoration and opening.

To create a high-end adult products experience store, decoration is crucial, to make the room look classy and have an atmosphere, is the most important.

Fourth, publicity.

This is the most critical step in the operation of adult products experience store. If you want to have more customers and high customer stickiness, some publicity activities are indispensable.