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Silicone high simulation entity doll repair method

Nov 29,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Silicone material, high simulation entity dolls and mini real doll is built-in metal skeleton, skeleton usually is not bad, easy to bad is colloid on the surface of the skin, such as physical activity range is too big, more than the limit of elasticity, is easy to tear, especially silicone material entity dolls you shall not uncover the nakedness of vulva, and TPE elasticity than those of silica gel, But also afraid of sharp objects and hard objects.

There is usually glue in the accessory bag that comes with the doll, so how to repair and repair the physical doll? What repair methods are a lot of children more concerned about the problem, the following Angel baby Doll to explain to you.

With the repair agent to repair the solid doll wound, silica gel material will be more convenient. The wound will be clean, no dust, no water, with glue smear the wound, knead the wound, wait for a few hours. The surface will be a little scar. This is normal. We should also pay attention to this place as far as possible not to stretch too big.

The TPE material is made of high temperature process, so the repair glue and the repair glue of silica gel material are not common, and the repair convenience is not the same. The repair glue of this material will decompose the TPE material. After dripping the repair glue into the wound, the wound will be closed immediately, slightly slower, and the wound will be bigger and bigger. Convenient maintenance is relatively simple, and manufacturer's channel heat gun and other tools, take a little with the size of the wound on leftover material match the expected, the daub on the wound, with a heat gun to the wound heating, make its material with wound melt, then wipe with a small shovel flat wound, can, there's little scar, but said the look simple, but need high technology.