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Looking at Japanese silicone sex dolls, can you tell which one is real

Nov 28,2022 | SexAngelbaby

When it comes to Japan, we all know that it is a very imaginative island country that will go to any lengths for SEX. But what you may not know about Japan is that, aside from the tiny bits on your DEF disk, the country has kept up with The Times and has been quite savvy in satisfying otaku in this era of technological advancement. For example, Japan Oriental Industries, a company developed and manufactured in Japan, produces incredible new products.

They use high-tech silicone and 3D technology to create a new generation of pure love and realistic silicone dolls, so that you can't tell the difference between the real person and these sex dolls at a glance.

The skin is made of soft, high-tech silicone, while the skeleton is made of aluminum and stainless steel, and Custom Sex Dolls.

The doll's skin is delicate and can be broken by blowing, and the eyes can move with it, without the empty feeling of a dummy. And each doll is made of the body of a real woman model, and the head is made of the latest 3D technology, almost the same as the real person. So when you hold her, you will feel very warm and comfortable!

In recent years, they continue to study the skin and eyes of the doll, coupled with technological advances, they have been able to make exquisite finished products.

And if the customer requests it, the doll can be made in any proportion, skin tone, breast size and appearance they wish. Think about it, so obedient, satisfied, in all aspects according to your desire to build a "girlfriend" where to find it?

In order to cope with the requirements of various postures, the new generation of dolls are also equipped with the new generation of Titan Frame technology, so that all the joints, including fingers, can do any required action, and it is not stiff at all, and it is also very thin, which is called skinny love doll.

The company's claim is that it can create dolls that feel like "girlfriends" or "wives" to satisfy customers. Well, isn't that what you single people want?

Of course, not only this, a variety of clothing collocation can make customers bring a different feeling.

Get rid of the dummies and stiff poses that people used to have for sex dolls.

Even if you take a promotional photo of the clothes you wear in everyday life, it will not look too out of place.

But Japan's Oriental Industries says THAT NOT only is there a fixed population of CONSUMERS ON THE island, BUT there are also many new customers coming in every year.

The most important thing is that it can be customized in a way that enables many people to fulfill their dreams in the past. Big chest, hip, thin waist, white legs...

However, it should be warned that the price of a sex doll is not cheap, the most basic one is about 40,000 yuan. And Japan's Oriental Industry is not so satisfied, continue to add a variety of new technologies into future products.

Which means that prices are going to go up and up and up.