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Sex Dolls: The new queens of Argentina's sex shops

Nov 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Sex dolls are on the rise in Argentina's adult stores. Sex shops in the capital Buenos Aires sell about 10 dolls a month, with the cheapest one available for around 500 pesos.

Sex dolls are an expanding business in the United States. The dolls are very lifelike, with eyelashes and natural hair, skin, life-like reproductive organs and even self-regulating temperature. The lifelike sex dolls are available to Argentines on "demand," but they are rarely seen in window displays due to their high prices, with prices topping $28,000 due to import difficulties.

The situation is different in Argentina, where the queen of the sex shop is the sex doll. This is not only because there are more and more varieties to satisfy the different tastes of customers, of course, the majority of single male customers. And because sex dolls began to be sold wholesale in locations all over Argentina.

A visit by Clarin, an Argentine newspaper, to four shops selling sex toys in the capital revealed that the average number of dolls sold per shop was around 10 a month. Simple dolls start at 500 pesos, and more realistic ones can go as high as 7,000 pesos. These sex dolls have standard female bodies. There are also special dolls made specifically for women and gay people, although they are not very common. There are also transgender dolls and sex dolls featuring famous movie and TV actors. Some dolls even have three-dimensional faces, hair, eyelashes, swivelable eyes, lipsticked lips, and a built-in vibrator.

Gustavo Vidal, owner of Extasy sex shop, said: "These items are sold to a much greater extent than people think." "We also accept orders for live action figures, but we have to take into account their cost, which ranges from $3,000 to $4,000," he said. Although the dolls are available now, Vidal said, none have been sold.

Even if not the best-selling product in sex stores (vibrators are the undisputed number one seller), sex dolls earn other rankings. PlacerShop owner Pablo Britos said: "The first thing people see when they come into the shop is the sex dolls and they react with surprise. These dolls are a popular imagination. "The market for sex dolls in Argentina is growing, with new products, more choices and a more open view of the modern world."

sexangelbaby, a sex shop that does business across Argentina, "is often bought by single men, and sex dolls tend to be an intimate way of experiencing sexual pleasure, rather than a toy that can provide couples with the pleasure of a threesome." Sex dolls, like everything else, have their admirers: "I have a client who buys nothing but sex dolls at a sex store and comes in once a month to pick out the right dolls, and he definitely has dolls at home."

These dolls are very classic, such as the sex doll 110cm that many people buy. Most of them are also very economical, and some people would even say they are the best sex partners.

For a variety of reasons, many sex dolls live in beds in different Argentines. But once they got to bed, they never left.