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Sex dolls make my marriage more harmonious

Jan 09,2023 | SexAngelbaby

My wife and I were teammates in college. She was very beautiful and was the flower of my class at that time. People who liked her could say that I was one of them who queued up from the classroom to the university gate.

Maybe it is fate. When I graduated from university, she and I worked as interns in the same company, and we got together in this way.

Together for three years, I have many unforgettable memories. The only regret is that she refused to let me touch her, and said to wait for the wedding night.

I can't. I love her. I have to wait. However, finally married, she still did not allow me to touch, said that there was a mental obstacle, and told me to wait.

Outside of my sex life, as a wife, she makes me perfect.

Later, my friend came to my attention. He told me that there was a life size sex doll -- Tina Advanced Silicone Sex Doll basic 110CM with a customized intelligent voice, which he wanted me to buy at home, as well as other series of dolls, such as irontech dolls.

This sex doll is like an angel of love falling from the sky. It has the face of an angel, the figure of a devil, delicate daisies, delicate jade hands, cherry mouth, delicate jade butterflies, delicate breasts, and the positions that my wife can't satisfy. She can't stop me, and he is the intelligent partner I want.​

Now that my wife and I have been sexless for many years, I have been relying on my sex doll to solve my physical problems as if it were my second wife.

You asked me if I ever thought about getting a divorce? Thought about it, but not willing to also impossible.

Because marriage isn't just about sex, it's about love.