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How much can you buy a sex doll

Jan 09,2023 | SexAngelbaby

Sex dolls are also called silicone dolls, sex dolls, and are able to solve people's sexual needs of a high degree of real adult sex toys.

It can be used not only by single people, but also as a sexual device to enhance the interest of partners.

There have been many movies and reports about sex dolls in the past, but with the revolution of technology and the evolution of materials, there are now silicone dolls. Sometimes people in love will pursue more sexual fantasy, such as visual, tactile stimulation, psychological satisfaction, resulting in the demand for human simulation toys.

Sex is a full silicone doll design is made according to the reality 1:1, so appearance is larger deposit is a little difficult, can't fold stores like dolls. Of course, there are mini series, such as the mini sex doll. This for the current Chinese is a bit difficult to accept, but with the opening up of domestic people's minds gradually, the acceptance of sex dolls will gradually improve.

Compared to sex dolls, sex dolls are more realistic and can not only mimic human body temperature, but also have intelligent voice interaction.

Sex dolls are now more and more beautiful and beautiful, more and more seductive, details are better and better, there are pure angel faces and devil figure sex dolls, there are with blurred eyes send out a strange beauty seductive people's sex dolls.

It can be summarized that the current types of sex dolls are roughly divided into: pure type, girl type, queen type, wild type, cute type, mature type, irontech doll and so on.

Sex dolls range in price from 1,000 to 10,000, depending on their features and configuration. The mass consumer is sure to buy the right product at the best price. So don't blindly consume, after all, no matter what the price, is the most important for their own.

When choosing a sex doll, we must choose the quality of a well-known manufacturer brand that is more guaranteed. Domestic brands such as gold three, Tuo Cong and so on are very good.