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NFT Pleasure Lands With Virtual Sex Dolls in Place

Mar 18,2022 | SexAngelbaby

NFT or Non-fungible token is probably one of the hottest buzzwords these days. On the news, no matter if it is current NBA players, celebrities,  or some biggest companies around the world somewhat involved in this virtual currency investment. 

The Adult Web3.0 Entertainment Company xxxNifty's Twitter Page

NFT is a block-chain technology mainly used for art pieces. Still, in the entertainment industry, especially in the gaming world, some companies combined its use with VR to create a virtual world where we call it metaverse today. 

An adult entertainment company, Web3 company xxxNifty, announced they would pre-sale their NFTs so that their customers can enter the brand new metaverse platform - “PleasureLand”.

In the  PleasureLand, customers can buy all kinds of digital assets, for example, a virtual sex doll and properties. 

The metaverse reminds me of a virtual game from 15 years ago called “Second Life”. Every gamer can create an avatar inside the game and do all sorts of things that a real-life person can do, such as interacting with other gamers, dancing,  swimming, shopping, having a meal with your virtual friends, etc. From their promo video, VR was introduced back in 2015, so this concept is nothing new at all. 

Perhaps, Facebook announced changing its name to Metaverse, and suddenly everyone in the world paid a lot of attention to this metaverse thing. It was boring, and I don’t know why people are excited about this topic!