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A Film about a Sex Doll?

Mar 11,2022 | SexAngelbaby

While sex dolls are nothing more than sex toys in some people's eyes, they can also be fascinating subjects, especially for the mass media. Maybe it is because they look so humanly alike. The media remain interested in the subject continually. One example would be a film director who shot a story about an adult novelty shop falling in love with a sex doll, and the doll was called Boxanne. 

Photo Source: Boxanne The Movie Facebook Page


This short film was premiered in January this year, and it had a red carpet opening as announced on The film got submitted to 36 film festivals around the world, and the leading actor (also the director of the film), Patrick Ruegsegger, won the L.A. based IndieX Film Fest best actor award!

I haven't watched that film, but it is a kind of cult movie that makes more people accept the subject matter, and it is different and good news for the industry.