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How much does a silicone doll cost to buy a real doll

Nov 12,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Silicone dolls show how much the price varies from several hundred to ten thousand, price material workmanship is different, and height and weight are factors that affect the price.​

Generally speaking, real live sex dolls are not too cheap to buy. For example, you can buy a silicone doll for several hundred dollars more. Do you dare to use it when you buy it?

When touching the hand will take oil, especially affect the sense of use, but also delay the mood. I have bought such a price of the doll. The experience feels particularly bad. It is estimated that the individual will not like this kind of.

Generally, the price of a 3 ft sex doll is more than 5000, which can be used to make the doll and the outer appearance. You can choose to buy a sex doll with TPE material body and silicone head.

This kind of cost performance is relatively good, but also suitable for personal long-term use, tpe material not only body reduction degree compared with human imitation lifelike.

The head statue of the silicone doll is also particularly vivid and beautiful, with makeup and feeling, and the overall three-dimensional sense of shape is as beautiful as the human body. The body design of the doll is designed according to ergonomic design, skeleton and claws, material texture and some details. This kind of basic increase in price can be accepted, which is also something I like very much and practical. The price is between thousands of yuan and tens of thousands of yuan enough to buy back maintenance can be used for several years. More cost-effective, the experience is also very comfortable, the price range