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How do you store sex dolls? Just master a few principles

Jan 03,2023 | SexAngelbaby

When you say the word model, you probably think of body size, S curve, flaming lips... In fact, there is an Asian doll sex that can also show all kinds of amorous feelings.

Nowadays, most of the sex dolls are made of silicone, which can meet sexual needs. As the shape of sex dolls becomes more realistic, they can even be regarded as "lovers". However, some people are worried about being seen by others and often hide them.

The question of how to store lifelike sex dolls after you've bought them is a big one. Many of you may not have thought of a better way to store them, but it's actually quite easy to collect them. Here are some ways to collect them.

One, the sex partial inverted model doll's collection is simple.​

Because the head of sex PARTIAL inverted model doll is small, it is very simple to collect, and even use a suitcase to collect, install a password lock.

Two, high simulation sex dolls how to store?

For such a sex doll, the average height is 1.7 meters, and has a built-in metal shell, so I can't force a folding, and high is not convenient to store, then we can have a try with a box in it, such as sofa, bed, or buy a large wardrobe. Also, it is a very good collection method. Don't just throw it under the bed. How to store sex dolls? Some beds are very large. When the mattress is lifted, the board under the bed can be opened to put sex dolls, and you can put several of them.

Xiaobian reminds you how to store sex dolls. There are several principles to master. Sex dolls can not stand, only lie down, should be face up, use cloth, blankets and other packages will not color.