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How to care for sex dolls?

Jan 03,2023 | SexAngelbaby

In general, China's sex dolls started later than Japan, the United States and other countries. Although Asian sex dolls are very popular, they have developed rapidly in recent years. Sex dolls play a very good role in preventing crime. ​Below is our small make-up for you to explain.

How to maintain sex dolls? How about proper use?

1, first of all, although the joints inside the silicone sex doll are flexible and can be bent, but do not exceed the maximum range of the human body, when bending should pay attention to gently, we should be like a real person so gentle action, and the maintenance method is the same.

2. Every time you move the sex doll, it is better to hold the chest torso position of the sex doll to move, but don't pull an arm, pull a leg to move.

3, sex doll wigs can be replaced with different hair accessories, styles, but also pay attention to the gentle movement.

4, how to maintain sex dolls, but also pay attention to the use of a person, do not share a few people sex dolls, so unsanitary.

Two, how to store sex dolls?

Now China's production of sex dolls actually can also be like real people, with lover's characteristics, very sexy and charming, you just don't know how to store, and a sex doll price is not cheap, some tens of thousands of, so good you can choose a long-term storage, convenient use, such as in the cupboard.