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How do you define a physical doll?

Dec 11,2022 | SexAngelbaby

A: Physical dolls are also called humanoid dolls and sex dolls. They are realistic adult sex toys that are generally used to provide sex. The so-called Pwa Party is such a kind of doll. In the early days, there were some movies and news about inflatable dolls. With the upgrade of technology and the improvement of materials, the silicone dolls began to appear. Before use, people need more sexual fantasy, especially in the sight and touch feeling, psychological stimulation, so the need for simulation toy dolls. Physical dolls take the form of a person and are an upgrade from sex toys.

It is too simple to regard physical dolls as sex toys.​

The role of physical dolls is not only for sex, but also for companionship. Simply calling them sex toys or sex dolls is a manifestation of demeaning dolls. Undeniably, entity dolls can solve people's normal physiological needs, give people the pleasure of sex. The appearance of the physical doll itself is similar to that of the real person, which is also the function of the doll to realize the companionship of the real person. For autistic or single men, it can provide spiritual comfort. So it's not just a sex toy, it's a human companion.

How is owning a physical doll different from other sex toys?

Physical dolls can look and feel like real people and can be customized in size, like Mini sex Dolls. Other sex toys, such as airplane cups and sex props, are auxiliary, without the full feel of a physical doll.

Is it possible that having silicone dolls is just a need for sex and companionship?

Silicone dolls are the product of a person's fantasy, some people in real emotional life, can not get the ideal effect, hope to use the physical doll to achieve psychological satisfaction, because the doll will not resist, not angry, and you unreasonable. Compared with the reality of the savage girlfriend, the doll is more quiet.

But the doll will not replace the real person, but can achieve a part of the emotional satisfaction, repair the pain, repair lost to meet a part of the psychological desire.

There is feedback between people's real feelings, that is, I have feelings for you, you have feelings for me. The doll, which has no way to feedback its emotion, or the feedback of the emotion is just imaginary.

Why do people need physical dolls when they have real-life partners?

On the one hand, physical dolls can achieve partial satisfaction in sex. After big data analysis, most men still have the possibility of masturbation after marriage. Two people can not meet the needs of each other sexually. They need to use dolls to achieve, for example, some special hobbies, like a smaller size doll, such as a sex doll 80 cm.

What kind of psychological process does a woman who accepts her partner to have a silicone doll experience?

A: Many women will have a psychological confrontation with their husband's mistress, "the silicone doll has defeated me", or "I have lost my charm". This kind of frustration will occur, but it is not necessary.

The silicone doll is just an external thing, but we can use the silicone doll as a mirror to understand the emotional relationship between the two sides, and communicate with the partner, why one party needs the silicone doll, what are the problems of the two people's emotional aspects.