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5 Light Weight Dolls You May Wish to Consider for this Christmas

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

We're about two weeks to Christmas, and some of our customers said the dolls are too heavy! Algiht, we've heard you. In today post, we're going to introduce top 5 light weight dolls that you may want to buy during Christmas. So are you ready? Let's get started. 

#Top 5: Juliana

Juliana is a cute skinny girl, with the maxium weight of 98 lbs and 5'8" in height. and with maximum measurements of 35"/20.4"/33.8". Certainly it is a very ideal light weight doll. 


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 #Top 4: Willow

Willow is a cury girl with maximum weight 82.7 lbs and available in 5 sizes, height from 4 ft. 7 to 5ft 7 and measurements will be in poportion to the height, such as 4. ft. 7 doll will have 27.95"/19.69"/30.31",  and 5 ft.7 will have 35"/21"/40", I will say the boobs are huge as well! 

To take her home, simply visit this link here and add it to the cart!

Top #3 Elu

Elu has a very uniform figure and a nice beautiful face, and has the same weight as willow above. We've 6 heights for Elu for you to choose, from 4 ft.7 to 5 ft. 6, and with measurements from 27.95in/19.69in/30.31in, to 35.43in/20.87in/40.16in and I'm sure you'll like it. 


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Top #2:Hedy

Hedy has low weight, with maximum being 94.6 lbs and have 7 sizes in height, from 4 ft. 6 to 5 ft 3, she is lovely and sexy. A perfect girl for someone who likes small boobs. 


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 #1 Cute Japanese Reiko

Reiko is a "kawai" (cute) looking Japanese girl with a typical height of 4 ft. 10 and with only 55 lbs. Her measurement is 31"/19"/30", very uniform figure with her height!


If you prefer a small girl to play with, it is the way to go.

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Here are the list of our top 5 light weight dolls, and we hope you enjoy reading it.