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10 Sex Positions You Can Attempt with Your Sex Dolls Tonight

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Lifelike sex dolls can boost your sexual experience in bed, yet you need to know and practice several sex positions so that you can enjoy more sex with your partner. If you possess a sex doll and intend to utilize it to its maximum capacity, the following are ten lovemaking settings that you should know today.

1. Bent Over: This is an all-the-craze sex position that couples have been utilizing for years. In this setting, you allow your sex doll to stand in a scorching fashion, and you will slide in from behind. Hold the sex doll from the back as she stands closer to a bed or a table.

2. Standing Doggy is similar to the bent over sex position. Instead of having your partner bend over a table or bed, she will lean over to a wall or a hard surface, and you will enter from behind. In this position, you may not have a good view, but you can touch her boobs or have a kiss while doing the action. You can utilize it with a mirror so that you can view your partner's curvy figure.

3. Spooning: Perhaps one of the most valued sex positions. Like the above, it is a sex position entering from behind, but with your partner lying on the bed sideways. You can kiss her, touch her or do all sexy acts on her that bring her orgasm. If you like some pushes on the bed, or maybe you like an extra intimate placement after that, spooning is excellent.

4. Doggy: Similar to standing doggy, but this time with your partner kneeling on a bed or a sofa. It is a perfect position if you like to enter from behind and bang her with her face downward.

5. Magic Mountain: In this sex position, you and your partner are facing each other and sitting on a flat surface (for example, on a bed) with legs folded in a way like a "mountain" (see picture). This position requires movement on the triceps, which requires a bit of strength. The benefit of this is that you will get very connected with your partner (or sex doll), which may induce orgasm in both of you.

6. Cowgirl: If you delight in making love while relaxing, a cowgirl placement is undoubtedly an excellent option for outstanding infiltration.

7. Missionary: This has continued to acquire more popularity among pairs and maintain the default sex placement. Make her rest on her back and her legs curved to 45 levels angle, spread them, and be available in.

8. Cradle: This is taken into consideration an excellent sex placement that will certainly allow you to permeate while encountering your doll. Please take a seat encountering her and cover your legs around your upper body while you cover your legs around her.

9. Reverse Cowgirl: This is wonderful for dealing with a sex doll and very easy to attempt. It undoubtedly offers you an outstanding infiltration.

10. Kitchen counter: You will certainly need to take her right into your cooking area for this sex setting. Rest her on a kitchen counter while her legs dangle over the edge. Face her, separate her dolls, order her hip, and a slide within. It feels incredible and also excellent.