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What if sex dolls smell?

Dec 26,2022 | SexAngelbaby

A lot of friends worry about how sex dolls smell. This is about choosing the regular manufacturer of the product. The general regular manufacturer produced doll has almost no taste. Those dolls of unknown origin not only have a taste, but may also be very unsanitary. Choose regular manufacturers of sex dolls, are the latest craft Seiko made, height, fat and thin are also made in accordance with the ratio of 1:1.

First, see what the raw materials are made of.

Sex dolls made by formal manufacturers not only have plump breasts, attractive eyes and curved hips, but also sexy lips. Good sex dolls are made of polymeric medical silicone, for example, anime tpe doll, instead of producing ordinary plastic, which naturally has some flavor.

Two, regular manufacturers of sex dolls have more amorous feelings

Buy regular manufacturers of sex dolls, do not worry about how sex dolls taste, are good materials, and the body is stainless steel skeleton, can be flexible activities of each joint, the same as the real person, especially the texture is very real, feels good, but also according to user needs to change different clothing.

Three, in order to avoid the taste to learn to use, maintenance

In order not to worry about how to make sex dolls smell, it is also necessary to choose the right way to use them, especially life like sex doll. It is better to sterilize, wash, or wipe with alcohol before using Life Like sex doll. If necessary, use condoms, and apply human lubricant when necessary. It is recommended that you clean it with clean water after each use, and then the air dry. Or use a dry towel to wipe the inside and outside of the doll, keeping it out of light.