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The simulation doll and adult actually use the character to use the doll to relate

Dec 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

The simulation doll search out may be most for the kind of simulation doll, is to their own simulation doll a shape of replication, can be used for the family as a memorial, another kind of because of the miss of children, do the simulation doll have a spiritual sustenance.

Generally, such realistic sexdoll are used for psychological comfort. However, simulation dolls are too realistic, look too beautiful and are currently used by many manufacturers for adult character purposes.

This kind of imitation doll is called an entity doll. The imitation person is realistic and has many functions comparable with the real person. Of course, you can choose the Starpery Sex Dolls, and the experience is also good.

Many people buy physical dolls in order to solve their physical needs. The key is that the doll is healthy and safe, not afraid of getting sick, like going out to find prostitutes.

Of course, there will be customers who buy a doll because of both needs.

This kind of customer is generally mourning his dead wife or missing his ex-wife. Usually looking at the doll can solve the pain of lovesickness, if they have physiological needs it can be very convenient to solve.

In the current market situation, in order to solve the physiological needs of the number of people to buy a simulation of the physical doll accounted for the majority.

Because if the simulation doll is used as a spiritual sustenance, the need to use customized doll shape and figure, the price is quite high, the production time is also very long.

Many customers will feel that the price is too high to choose customized dolls, so it is difficult to look at the dolls of other face shapes to play a missing purpose.