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Sex dolls use sharing

Jan 09,2023 | SexAngelbaby

The physical doll's head carving is very lifelike, which is not bragging.

The body is an inverted version of a real person, so the body is the same as a real person. It's very comfortable, and you can buy clothes exactly like a real person. It's very likeable, so it's important to find sex dolls for sale in a factory and buy them.

There are real skin lines on the body, the softness of the whole body is also OK.

The physical doll's facial expression is also very good. With her you feel the heart is quiet.

I took a lot of photos of the physical doll, you can refer to seeing.

The physical doll's fingers and toes are beautifully manicured.

The hair implant version looks absolutely beautiful, just like the picture! I was worried about the mini tpe doll body, but it was found that the oil control and odor control of this type are both immortal!! Even more stunning than a head eagle! And the effect of the whole body inverted mold is far better than imagined, the weight is close to the real person, really, really good! Completely authentic.

I bought a rare edition, looks very beautiful, very real, at the beginning of not used to, several times from the outside back home, suddenly see will give yourself a jump ha​

Experience the legend of the human body inverted mold, although the main love is the super appearance level of the entity doll! The first impression is particularly deep! The body proportions are reproduced very realistically and the leg control is greatly satisfied.

It was different. It was slippery, it was soft, it was evil.

Get dressed and surprise the family hahaha.