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Introducing Two Safe Sexual Positions

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Sex doll skeleton
Let's talk a little about the anatomy of the skeleton of a sex doll. For beginners, the base of a sex doll isn't really soft mesh meat, but it's actually a metal skeleton that contains a variety of fixed movable joints. All of these joints attached to the skeleton can work together to move the doll to different pose ranges. For example, when you touch a sex doll, you may actually feel that the metal skeleton is at the bottom. You may also be able to feel the metal joints as you continue to move. However, there is also an element of the fact that the metal joints can hold the doll together, while a pair of high quality metal covers them to make the skin feel realistic as well. That's why you don't feel it when you touch the doll. It's very interesting.

Now there are small holes in these joints that contain the screws. You may actually be able to feel these on their feet, arms, and hands. These are meant to bring all the joints together and it is best to leave them untouched in that way.

Two safe positions to etch with the doll

Once your girlfriend doll is delivered home, the first thing is to decide what sexual activity you want to do. These are two safe positions that you should be able to use when enjoying sex.

1, Missionary
The missionary and missionary positions are one of the positions when humans have sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse position), in which a woman spreads her legs on her back and a man leans on it. It is a relatively common posture in which two people face each other in front of each other. It is possible to obtain a feeling of close insertion of the genital joint and a feeling of contact with the whole body. The missionary position is also said to be the position for the finish where men can easily ejaculate. The missionary position is the easiest sexual position for beginners. If you have a good quality TPE love doll, it's easy to do.

2, doggy style
Doggy style is a type of sexual position. The common name in Japanese is often called "back", but when both are standing, it is also called "standing back". In addition, there are other types such as "upper body raising back" which is performed by raising only the upper body of a woman and "prone back" which is performed when a woman is lying face down.

If you want to infiltrate real-life sex more deeply, you're probably in the doggy style. If you love life-sized TPE busty love dolls, you can use the same style. She raises her bottom and puts your doll on her all fours. Support some pillows if necessary to achieve the correct height you need to penetrate deeper.

These are the safest sexual positions to have sex with, especially when you are doing it with TPE sex dolls. Of course, there are still many other positions that you can enjoy. You just have to experiment and find what you personally find most comfortable.

Be careful not to hurt yourself and the doll when you have sex. Keep in mind that it needs to be warmed up to the right temperature, adjusted to the right position and properly lubricated. You can enjoy the doll more by seeing the proper preparation before having sex.