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Inflatable doll to buy attention to what matters?

Nov 17,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Note 1: The doll should be able to barely fit through the door of the room, find a spacious place to put the box, at least 100cm by 50cm.

Then unpack the box, take the doll out, and have to find a space twice as big to put it in.

Note 2: This is a full-body, one-body doll. The size of the doll is 150cm, which is smaller than most other companies' products, and 140cm. There are also Asian Sex Dolls.

This for future research (especially senior apartments and other people living), handling, disassembly are more convenient.

PS: Full-body sex dolls are sex dolls with whole bodies, as opposed to detachable limbs. They are called Real Life sex Dolls.

Note 3 when buying a sex doll: After taking it out of the case.

At this time, there is still a kind of "object" feeling, lack of that sense of reality.​
Purchase inflatable doll note 4: the packaging of plastic paper removed, directly to the doll to the bathroom, finally can begin?

NO! You can't be in such a hurry.

First of all, to hold back, the doll oil does, and check whether there is damage in the process of handling.

5. Deoiling: To soften the doll's body, an oil component is injected into the silicone (should be polyhydrocarbon silicone oxygen), which also gives the doll a charming aroma.

In this way, over time, the doll surface will have the phenomenon of oil, so it is necessary to wash the doll once a week to remove the oil.

Look closer, now there is a sense of reality ~ ~ do you have an impulse? No, this is about deoiling. Deoiling.

Buy inflatable doll note 6: powder: with ordinary baby powder can be.

The purpose is to take away the grease at the same time, and take away the dirty things on the body.

After that, rinse, remove oil, powder, and wipe the powder and dirt off your body with a damp towel.

(These steps must be done carefully, because it depends on the color of the doll, and the comfort level of later use.

If you see a doll that is very dark and not soft and transparent, it is because this step has not been done properly.

) Then wait for the doll to dry, powder again, keep the body dry and clean.

Once your hair has dried, find a soft sofa or chair on which to place the doll. To prevent fraying on your fingertips and other areas, put silk stockings on your arms.

​The face is very clean, refreshing. Now choose this black wig hair with the face, a little adult feeling.